The secret path to success in online video – #sxwebseries

READERS ADVICE: Full storify is HERE: (somehow, export broke the story…)

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    #sxwebseries panel
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 13:32:06
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    sxwebseries part 2
    Fri, Mar 09 2012 21:12:42
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    talk to your audience on Facebook « people just sit on Facebook » #sxswi #sxwebseries
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 13:54:53
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    be the online dj « @MJDarlington: stay live with audience 8 hrs a day on social media, serve content all day and discuss #sxswi #sxwebseries »
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 13:55:39
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    YouTube is a social network, use it to drive them back to your site, the hub of sm efforts #sxswi #sxwebseries
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 13:56:59
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    YouTube – every minute, sixty hours of content are uploaded #sxswi #sxwebseries
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 13:59:12
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    if you want to watch all vids on youtube, you’ll fall 2 and 1/2 day back each minute… 60 hours of content posted each minute #sxwebseries
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 13:59:46
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    Average YouTube viewer watches 43 videos – very #sticky #sxswi #sxwebseries
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 14:00:09
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    #sxwebseries @YouTube popular algorithm takes into account if viewers go on to watch another video on your channel
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 14:01:14
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    To do a successful web series, spend half time produce content, half time marketing #sxswi #sxwebseries
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 14:02:15
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    marketing of webseries is a very different marketing than usual. Reach your community. #sxwebseries
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 14:02:40
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    Best web series marketing is community curation and involvement #sxswi #sxwebseries
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 14:03:00
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    Voluntary subscription works for web series « NPR style » #sxswi #sxwebseries
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 14:03:48
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    Plott: yeah, i do live promotion, talk to my audience. So they become your evangelist and do so much marketing for you #sxwebseries
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 14:04:09
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    Go out and meet the fans in person. They will become your evangelists #sxswi #sxwebseries
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 14:04:33
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    RT @eliztesch: #sxwebseries repeatability, dependability, quality. key for audience development. – Barry Blumberg @smosh #alloy
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 14:06:20
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    Blumberg: we market with content. Everything is a piece of content. #sxwebseries
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 14:06:32
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    Burns: Youtube is n°2 search engine in the world. How do we get our content on the front? #sxwebseries
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 14:08:41
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    Plott: the first few followers, are more a community, rather than « audience ». How do you shape that community? #sxwebseries
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 14:10:07
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    Shape your audience by how you interact with them – trolls disappear if you don’t respond #sxswi #sxwebseries
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 14:10:31
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    Why do all the self-promotion? #sxwebseries – challenge your followers to Tweet the « funniest » promotions of brand and re-tweet them @day9tv
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 14:12:20
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    Plott: all my marketing is trying 2 involve community. Dont say you’re going live, ask audience 4 funniest announce tweet #sxwebseries
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 14:12:21
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    how do the balancing of your own creativity, and what audience wants #sxwebseries
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 14:14:15
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    Don’t overlisten to your audience – it dilutes your voice #sxswi #sxwebseries
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 14:15:36
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    it’s a mistake to over listen to your audience, negative commenters are 10X louder than positives #sxwebseries
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 14:15:45
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    blumberg: we didnt see the need to shovel a new media into an old media #sxwebseries
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 14:17:39
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    Burns: TV don’t even know where your audience is. Our goal is NOT tv. #sxwebseries
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 14:18:11
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    Burns: everyone in the world is running towards where we are : Online. Why go elsewhere? #sxwebseries
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 14:18:46
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    Tips for successful web series: keep it authentic, push FB hard, go after friends’ friends. @RoosterTeeth @Day9tv @Smosh #SXSW #SXwebseries
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 14:19:00
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    Don’t use the web as a calling card for another platform – the web is now the goal #sxswi #sxwebseries
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 14:19:09
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    Plott: what’s your click through rate on TV? TV is so passive… #sxwebseries
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 14:20:11
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    Plott: a community that you get from an online show is just so active #sxwebseries
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 14:21:40
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    Online communities are so much more engaged than TV viewers #sxwebseries
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 14:22:33
  34. Q&A session
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    Q: do i have to post on as many platforms as possible? A: absolutely. Post everywhere, as deep possible #sxwebseries
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 14:23:07
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    Use all the video platforms you can, direct them back to your site. Scatter, then target #sxswi #sxwebseries
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 14:23:13
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    Revenue streams: display ads, merchandising, … #sxwebseries
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 14:24:25
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    if you produce on various topics, post on different channels, so audience don’t get what they don’t want #sxwebseries
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 14:25:38

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